Monday, December 6, 2010

Will you Get a Sticky Boy ?

During December, CTMH is running the Plenty for Twenty campaign – when you place a $20 order on my website, CTMH will throw in a D-size stamp set…absolutely FREE! Which D-size stamp set? Who knows….it’s a surprise! At a $22.95 value – it’s a great surprise!
And now…Sticky Boy may be coming to your house for the holidays! In random Plenty for Twenty orders throughout December, CTMH will add a stowaway….a free Sticky Boy! Sticky Boy is available in a variety of sizes, in his own packaging, and he’s a stamp that can’t be ordered. Let me share some history of Sticky Boy.
  • In 2004, Sticky Boy appeared as the star of a video presentation at the introduction of My Acrylix stamps to the CTMH product line. 
  • Sticky Boy appeared at CTMH National Tours and Regional Celebrations and even wore a Tuxedo at the 2006 CTMH Convention Award Gala.
  • David Lynton (who runs the warehouse and is the husband of our CEO Jeanette Lynton) got the idea to start producing and hiding Sticky Boy around any event venue we went to….it’s a crazy phenomenon…imagine thousands of women, scouring every window, mirror, sticky surface to see if they can find a Sticky Boy! I found one in Florida on a staffer's name tag. I just missed one in DC on the side of a couch. 
  • At the 2010 CTMH Convention, David Lynton presented one to Anita Renfroe…who did a whole segment on Sticky Boy and then proceeded to tuck him into her bra where he could always be “Close To My Heart.”
  • Now….Sticky Boy is hiding in random boxes from Plenty for Twenty website orders….will you get one? (all info thanks to Helen Onulak)
For the Plenty for Twenty campaign, you can order anything for the $20…paper, embellishments, stamps, albums or more.  Head on over to my website to get started and maybe Sticky Boy will surprise you!

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