Sunday, June 17, 2012

CTMH stamps retiring!!

When our new catalog comes out in August- these stamps will be retiring. So these will not be available as of July 31st- so get them now if you want them.
Item #DescriptionAutumn-Winter Idea Book Page #

C1466Instant Memories23$13.95
C1463Harvest Happiness35$13.95
C1467Sweet Moments41$13.95
B1392Key Moments42$9.95
C1462All Hallows Eve48$13.95
D1494Christmas Cheer53$17.95
C1468Winter Joy60$13.95
C1419Harvest Home65$13.95
B1395So Grateful66$9.95
C1423Captured Moments67$13.95
B1359Fright Night68$9.95
D1437Party Animal69$17.95
A1109A Sip71$6.95
C1424Nature's Gift71$13.95
C1420Snow Days72$13.95
C1472Bundled Buddies73$13.95
D1384Snow Flurries74$17.95
D1308All Decked Out75$17.95
A1115A Holiday76$6.95
B1381Holiday Cheer76$9.95
A1107A Twinkle78$6.95
D1493Fill in the Blank--Holiday79$17.95
C1427I Believe80$13.95
D1449Father Christmas81$17.95
A1110A Timber82$6.95
B1356St. Nick82$9.95
D1483Glory to God83$17.95
A1099Angel Sent84$6.95
B1394John 3:1684$9.95
D1436The Present87$17.95
A1108A Flitter88$6.95
D1306Treasure Life89$17.95
C1429Party Pennants91$13.95
A1095Always Remember92$6.95
B1362Tag the Occasion92$9.95
C1471Happy Clusters93$13.95
B1393Joyful Jar94$9.95
C1425Month by Month95$13.95
C1470Gnome Garden96$13.95
A1113A Game97$6.95
B1396School Rocks97$9.95
C1408Live Inspired98$13.95
D1373Childhood Portrait99$17.95
D1492Christmas Love101$17.95
C1469December 25th102$13.95
D1388Card Chatter--Christmas103$17.95
D1440Everlasting Life104$17.95
C1379Holiday Commentary105$13.95
C1382Holiday Commentary--Spanish105$13.95
C1383Holiday Commentary--French105$13.95
D1283Say It in Style106$17.95
D1444A Little Thanks107$17.95
D1387Made with Love109$17.95
D1499Live Your Style110$17.95
D1386Save the Date111$17.95
D1397Save the Date--French111$17.95
D1398Save the Date--Spanish111$17.95
E1006Baroque Alphabet113$29.95
C1401Friendship Alphabet Small114$13.95
E1013Field Trip Alphabet114$29.95
E1016Friendship Alphabet Large114$29.95
D1136Giggle Caps115$17.95
D1137Giggle Lowercase115$17.95
D1267Rustic Numbers117$17.95
E1002Rustic Alphabet117$29.95

Studio J Layouts

Abby in Philly on her Chorus trip

In Philly for the dinner cruise on the Chorus trip

Phil's HS graduation

Adventure Aquarium in NJ


My hubby's grandmother- Mary Elizabeth Hoke

Look at these Studio J layouts. I did these five 2 page spreads in about 3 hours.

This great company, CTMH, that I am a consultant with- is so generous!  Every person going to the CTMH convention in July gets a code for 5 free Studio J layouts. How cool is that?? I am bad and did not follow the directions to do the layouts the way they showed us (time contraints on my part). The intent I am sure is to teach us some new techniques. You can do so many cool things with Studio J. Mine are pretty basic but I did change the paper colors in a few layouts. I will try the layouts they suggested when I have time this summer. Only one more week til I am off for the summer!! Yeah!  Of course, July is already going to fly by-  (training at school for 6 days, off to convention for 5 days, family camping, trip to my mom's). Maybe August will be a little slower? Not!!