Sunday, June 17, 2012

Studio J Layouts

Abby in Philly on her Chorus trip

In Philly for the dinner cruise on the Chorus trip

Phil's HS graduation

Adventure Aquarium in NJ


My hubby's grandmother- Mary Elizabeth Hoke

Look at these Studio J layouts. I did these five 2 page spreads in about 3 hours.

This great company, CTMH, that I am a consultant with- is so generous!  Every person going to the CTMH convention in July gets a code for 5 free Studio J layouts. How cool is that?? I am bad and did not follow the directions to do the layouts the way they showed us (time contraints on my part). The intent I am sure is to teach us some new techniques. You can do so many cool things with Studio J. Mine are pretty basic but I did change the paper colors in a few layouts. I will try the layouts they suggested when I have time this summer. Only one more week til I am off for the summer!! Yeah!  Of course, July is already going to fly by-  (training at school for 6 days, off to convention for 5 days, family camping, trip to my mom's). Maybe August will be a little slower? Not!!

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