Wednesday, October 20, 2010

oldies but goodies

 I have not had any time to create some new cards. Already 5 days and no post- so much for my pledge to be a good blogger. I will post some oldies but ones I really liked from older CTMH paper packs. Some were club cards and some from workshops.  I am planning to work on my November club cards this weekend so hope to post some new things then. This whole working for a living cramps my style.  I teach first grade in my real life and it takes up so much time.  :) Not to mention dragging my two children to their activities. Not that I am really complaining though. I'd have to say I have a pretty good life.

So these cards are from a birthday card workshop that was a bit more masculine focused.  I missed taking a pic of one of the cards in the group shot somehow. All CTMH products were used.

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